Internet and Social Media - Introduction

Internet and Social Media

Introduction about the Internet and Social Media:

The global communication system is much more advanced now than 20 years before, and all these achievements are due to advancement internet technology.

As the sky is opens further, Social Media is taking over conventional face to face interaction. In the present, people cannot stay without internet and Social Media even for a minute much less a day. Even for myself I 100% believe that, the first thing I will after my presentation is open my phone and watch what’s happening.

In less than 20 years, around 210 countries have been taken under the shade of Social Media and thus global socialization and communication are widely simplified. From the north pre to the south pre, there is no place without internet. The internet is so easy to use regardless any age.

As I was growing up, I did not have much access to the internet. But, because it is so easy to use, I have become proficient in using it together with social media even at my age.