Some of the key feature of the internet

Some of the key feature of the internet:

The world wide web or more commonly known as WWW: The World wide web is a part of the internet, which supports hypertext documents, allowing users to view and navigate different types of data. A web page is a document encoded with hypertext mark-up language which is called (HTML).

Second is E-mail: which means Electronic Mail: The email is the most popular reason for people use the Internet. The email is fundamental application used for business and commerce. Every transaction that takes place is penned no longer on paper, but typed out on the Email. So it is critical for everyone, to have an email program, with a domain to create, send and receive message.

Third is News: News is an Internet based service which includes tens of thousands of newsgroups. Each newsgroup hosts discussions on a specific topic. The wonderful things are that anybody and anyone can let their opinion be heard.

Fourth is Telnet: Telnet is a specialized service that lets you use one computer to access the contents of another computer. A telnet program creates a “Window” into the host so you can access files, issue commands, and exchange data seamlessly.

Lastly FTP: which means File Transfer Protocol: FTP is one of the major internet tools, It is used to copy files from one computer to another.